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Darkside Media LLC is a production company dedicated to the development and creation of high quality, fiscally responsible entertainment with a focus on revitalizing the horror genre for a new generation of audiences. Our mission is to deliver fresh concepts and ideas rather than repackaging the same old tropes that we feel have become mundane. With decades of experience in storytelling we offer fresh new approaches by utilizing new digital media combined with having unique voices.

Lovecraft P.I.™

LOVECRAFT P.I. is a story that re-envisions the macabre worlds of H.P. Lovecraft while mashing them together with the hard-boiled detective novels of Dashiell Hammett. In this world 'Ward' Lovecraft is a Paranormal Investigator with the Miskatonic Detective Agency, an unsentimental and stubborn man who is short on temperament and long on occult knowledge.


A small island town in the early 1950s is slowly dying, until a forgotten menace from the past resurfaces and speeds things up in the death department. The only chance for the town's residents lies with a ragtag group whose experience ranges from guerrilla fighting to bookkeeping, led by a scientist whose oddball theories might just be the key to the disaster. Cut off from the outside world by a hurricane, the group will do whatever it takes to combat the threat- if they can manage to stay alive.


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“Lovecraft P.I. is a pure joy to read if you are the type who loves monsters, mysteries, detective stories, detective slang, beautiful women, great artwork, solid storylines and octopi.”

The minds behind the madness

D.W. Kann Proprietor of Darkside Media, Co-writer of Lovecraft P.I.
D.W. Kann Proprietor of Darkside Media, Co-writer of Lovecraft P.I. Filmmaker D.W. Kann worked in the film industry for over 20 years. Now turning his sites to publishing original content.
Fritz Striker Creator/co-writer of Lovecraft P.I.
Fritz Striker Creator/co-writer of Lovecraft P.I. A self proclaimed “Jack of all trades” creatively Fritz enjoys writing, sculpting, illustrating & directing film.
Bill Hawk Creator/Writer of Berserkers
Bill Hawk Creator/Writer of Berserkers Bill works in Los Angeles as a model/prop maker, with added production design on the side. Comic book writing is his new challenge.